Winter Wine Getaway – The Prelude

Wine Tasting, Travel Photography, Culinary TourismFor months, I have been dreaming about going for a wine tasting tour. No need to get too far away but just go to the Niagara region. Like many busy bees living in a big city, I have been making excuses to wait, although it is only a two-hour drive.

Then, out of the blue, I got a few days off. All I wanted was to “get away” literally. To stay away from the crowds. To clear my head. To connect to my heart, my soul and my passion again.

On a cold Tuesday morning in November, I found myself heading to the wine country in Ontario, with no specific plans. I didn’t know where exactly I wanted to go. I fled towards the unknown with a luggage and my camera.

It seemed stupid to go wine tasting in winter. The scenery looked barren. Yet, there was subtle beauty amid the blowing snow. If you dare and are willing to stay in freezing cold for hours, you can capture the most amazing colours of rainbow at the Falls.

Wine Tasting, Travel, Culinary Tourism

And, if you dig deeper, you can find the hidden gems on the vines. This mini-photo essay is just the beginning of an inspiring wine-tasting journey.

Wine Tasting, Travel, Culinary Tourism
A sunny day after a major snow storm. I was driving randomly in Niagara-On-The-Lake. This lonely island of barren trees caught my eyes. Wind was blowing strong. The waves of snow were stunningly overwhelming. Unbelievable tranquility.

Wine Tasting, Culinary Tourism, Travel

The vineyard looked deserted. Cold weather was discouraging all activities outside. Most tourists and wine country goers chose to stay indoor. Yet, I felt there were hidden charms somewhere. Wine Tasting, Culinary Tourism



Frozen grapes. They are waiting. Subzero temperature is not enough. It needs to be -8C or colder for three consecutive days. Then, they will be hand-picked and processed immediately. The juice from these naturally frozen grapes will be transformed into some amazing sweet ice wines with strong flavours and aromas. Where should I begin – for the tasting?


To be continued…

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