Seafood Frenzy

I grew up in Hong Kong where there was no shortage of live lobster or swimming fishes in the market. I always have a strong craving for fresh seafood of any kind. Whenever I visit a coastal city, I will dig into the fish market or seafood restaurant. And, Reykjavik did not disappoint.

There are many tours around Reykjavik. However, there aren’t many good choices for lunch while you are on the road – cafeteria food or prepackaged foods seem to be the only two options. I hate the idea. And, I think it would be a waste NOT to take advantage of the abundant seafood resources in Iceland.

I got a smoked salmon from Sunday flea market. The surprise was: it came as a WHOLE with the skin on. Thanks to the fully-equipped kitchenette in the rented apartment, I managed to peel the skin off and slice it up.

The next challenge was the salad dressing. It didn’t make sense to buy ready-to-go salad dressing for one-time use. I looked at what we had and BINGO! I used some very simple ingredients – Salmon03orange, cherry tomatoes and olive oil – to make MegaFoodie Kitchen’s first DIY salad dressing!

Then, it was easy. I put the salad on top of the sliced salmon and then roll it up! The texture and flavour of the salmon slices were so rich! I doubt I would now find smoked salmon back home tasteless. The orange zest salad added nice acidity. The only regret I had was I Salmon_Skindidn’t put some almonds in there! This was my idea of an elegant yet a simple DIY packed lunch! Very proud!

And, I could not just throw away the skin. Grilled them in high-heat. Added salt and pepper. That turned out to be another great snack for our happy hours!


Diner01No foodie can leave Iceland without trying out a seafood restaurant. I tried a few but the one I really like was found in the Reykjavik harbour. It is not a fancy restaurant, more like a casual diner. The restaurant has some seats at the front, possibly catering for the needs of those patrons who are in a rush. Since I had a very relaxed schedule, I decided to sit at the back of the restaurant instead. Diner03And, it turned out to be the right decision as the setting and decorations made me feel like I was eating in a cabin!

The signature dish at the restaurant is the lobster soup. If you are looking for the creaminess of a lobster bisque, you probably won’t like it. It was as salty as you could find in most Icelandic soups. No complaints. All I was looking for was the freshness of live lobster. And, that exactly what I got!


And, the restaurant also served all kinds of fish skewers. My favourite was the catfish! When I had my first bite, the juices literally exploded in my mouth! Not much seasoning was needed. Just some salts will suffice! That’s the beauty of fresh ocean seafood!