Hunt for Lavender

Ontario lavender farm, culinary tourism
Purple is my colour. And, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that LAVENDER is my favourite flower. I have been planning to visit a fragrant lavender field in Provence or Hokkaido for a while. However, my procrastination keeps me from making that dream trip.

Perhaps, it is god’s will. I have just discovered a nice lavender farm, about an hour drive from Toronto!

Here’s the story: One of my best friends from Hong Kong has immigrated here about three weeks ago. Her family loves the nature and outdoor activities. I wanted to bring them to experience the beauty of Toronto summer. With two small kids in our tour, where could I bring them? Niagara Falls? Too touristy. Strawberry picking? Not the peak time.

Then, an idea came to me. Would it be possible for me to find lavender right here in Toronto? Long story short, I stumbled on the website of Terre Bleu in Milton. How was my trip?

I think a picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy the purple beauty!Ontario lavender farm, culinary tourism

Ontario lavender farm, ice-cream, dessert, culinary tourismThe best part of my visit: eating lavender ice-cream, amid the pleasant smell of lavender. A must-try. So zen!

And, I couldn’t help but add a new collection of lavender seasonings to my kitchen: dried lavender, lavender honey and lavender sea salt. Ontario lavender farm, food, seasoningNever have I used lavender in my cooking. How will it taste? What should I make? A savoury dish? A dessert? I can’t wait to try them out in the coming weeks!

My disclaimer: since it was my first visit to a lavender farm, I can’t really compare it with others. Yet, my friend who visited Provence and Hokkaido told me that the lavender was most beautiful this time because it was in full bloom (she missed the bloom in her previous trips). And, according to the staff, I probably caught the last week of it. How nice!