Chasing The Northern Lights

…was like a box of chocolates.WeakNL_raw

I stayed for 7 days in Iceland. For the first two nights, tours were cancelled because there was no clear sky.

On the third night, I finally could go out. At first, disappointment. Underwhelming.

Then, as I was giving up, I saw the most amazing northern lights dance with blue purple edges on our way back to the city. I jumped out of the car and stood in front of it. SUPER WOW! Stunned by the power of natural wonder. No time to set up tripod or take pictures. All the time spent waiting in the cold paid off. I know I could leave Iceland without any regret.

The second chance came only on the very last night. There was glimpse of the northern lights but It was so weak, even in the mountain areas… it was only visible through camera lens but not my own eyes.

Then again, on my way back, I got this ONLY shot!

If you think this was great, I can tell you they it was nothing compared to what I saw with my own eyes the first time! Most memorable experience. And, I would do it again!