The beginning: a home cook

My relationship with food has always been complicated. It was certainly my puppy love. However, never did I imagine myself becoming a professional chef as I could not even make instant noodles right as a teenager! For a long-time, I just folllowed the flow and enjoyed the fun as a gourmet eater and traveller – until 2014 when I started my food blog MegaFoodie Kitchen.

It began as a hobby. Frankly, there is no shortage of eateries or restaurants in downtown Toronto. Why bother cooking amid a hectic city life? Nevertheless, after a horrible takeout dinner with a bowl of lukewarm noodle soup in a cold winter, I had enough. No longer would I settle for mediocrity, and I would like to inspire other busy bees to do the same.

So, I started experimenting with easy but fancy food ideas in my little condo kitchen: Pan-seared Scallops with Crispy Garlic and Mixed Herbs Puree, Shredded Crab Meat with Watermelon Salad, Roasted Duck Leg with Orange Sauce, and many others. The experience has been unexpectedly awesome. The sky truly has no limits.

Food, Food Styling, Food Photography, Seafood, SaladFood, Food Styling, Food Photography, Seafood, Garlic, Mixed HerbsFood, Food Styling, Food Photography, Poultry, Orange Salad

The transformation: a food stylist & photographer
While I am evolving as a home cook, I have realized what has been fuelling my pursuit of excellence is the art of cooking. Taste is king for sure. But, eyes eat first. A harmonious combination of ingredients will trigger a sensational response. Plating is a reflection of one’s personality. Smart use of colours will help set the right tone for a meal.

It is fulfilling to see my friends finding their gastronomic getaways in my kitchen. But, what excites me most is the culinary creativity. From conceptualization to execution, the process is challenging yet rewarding.
As a TV news producer, I am naturally wired to document my food journey along the way. It feels good to make a difference, even though it is just an inspirational tidbit. This project has now grown with a new meaning and purpose.

The new chapter

As painful as the decision is, I am removing many of my early works – including recipes and restaurant reviews – from my blog, and renaming it as MegaFoodie Studio to reflect the changes. Going forward, I will focus on:

Food Styling: Easy-to-do tips to create visually stunning dishes to help tell your food stories, and wow your guests.
Food Photography: Practical suggestions to enhance your photographic skills in a home-studio setting, and how to produce professional-looking pictures.
On The Road: Real-life travel journals with photo essays to prepare you for your next culinary adventure.

One thing will never change. I hope my blog will continue to satisfy the hungry eyes and, touch the souls of like-minded foodies: Taste Good. Look Good. Feel Good.
September, 2017